Modern Slavery Act Statement

We are committed to ensuring everyones fundamental rights and freedoms are respected


The HR Division is an outsourced HR services platform with a wide range of suppliers and other commercial third-party relationships. We are committed to taking appropriate steps to ensure that everyone who works for us, whether that relates to a staff member or supplier, benefits from a working environment in which their fundamental rights and freedoms are respected.


We fully acknowledge the principles and our responsibilities (the “Values”) as our fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and local laws in the jurisdictions in which we are active that reflect those provisions, such as the UK’s Modern Slavery Act. These Values apply within our business and within our supply chain and include:

  • respect for the dignity of the individual;
  • recognition of the importance of each individual’s human rights;
  • securing and increasing equality of opportunity and inclusion;
  • not accepting any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying; and
  • not tolerating any form of slavery, human trafficking of forced or compulsory labour.

Training & Monitoring Compliance

We are committed to provide and will continue to provide training, instruction and support to its staff members to ensure their adherence to our development programme, to help them understand the underlying Values and practical application and implications of those Values. Furthermore, our Legal Team and Human Resources Team monitor our compliance with best practices and adherence to the Values on an ongoing basis, and adjust those policies and processes accordingly.

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