Employee Charter

What our employees can expect from us, and what we expect in return


This Employee Charter sets out clearly the standards which the Company expects of all their employees who play a significant part in delivering a quality service to all our customers, internally and externally.


This Employee Charter applies to all The HR Division employees and, along with the Company’s value statements and principles, it clearly outlines guidelines in which all employees can expect from the Company.

Vision, Values and Principles

We believe that the following vision, values and principles form the basis of our success.

Our Vision

Our aim is to be a highly effective outsourced HR support agent to organisations who want to satisfy their desire to enhance their people value and proposition.

Our Values

We believe that all our employees are the source of our success, output and on-going employee brand, which will ultimately determine and enhance our company’s reputation.

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Operational Excellence
  • Caring and responsive
  • Customer Care – 1st class delivery
  • Working as a team

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are committed to a policy of honesty and integrity in all our dealings
  • We are committed to operational excellence and reaching the highest quality in all our standards
  • We will, at all times, be caring and responsive to all our participants
  • Our customer needs are the focus of everything we aim to achieve and the quality of the service we deliver.
  • We believe in encouraging all employees to act as a team and to treat each other how they would wish to be treated.

Expectations from the Company

  • Involvement in the future development of the business
  • Fair reward for the work you carry out
  • A healthy and safe working environment
  • Ongoing training to allow you to do your job to the required standards
  • Managers and supervisors will have an open and honest relationship with you and will always treat you with respect, even in times of difficulty
  • You will be given enough supervision to make sure you are doing your job effectively
  • Continuous support when/if you have problems with your job/others
  • Clear guidelines on how to carry out your job to the required standards
  • A working environment which is free from harassment and bullying
  • A clearly-defined grievance procedure
  • You will be kept informed to the success of the company at all times. We believe that regular communication is key for you to feel part of the organisation and its ongoing success

Keeping you informed

You will be provided with regular information on:

  • Company performance
  • Your department’s performance
  • Your personal performance
  • The chance to let the Company know your views and ideas on work-related matters through formal surveys, and contact with your manager.
  • A chance to improve your skills and knowledge to help you develop your position within the company.

What is expected from you?

  • You turn up on time ready for work in a positive and energised way
  • You display honesty and respect for others at all times
  • You provide the company with your best efforts to meet the needs of your job
  • Follow laid down procedures when they are available
  • You must do everything possible to promote our business for the benefit of yourself and your team
  • You must keep up to date with the needs of your job by attending training programmes
  • You will treat all our customers (internally and externally) with emotional intelligence, respect and compassion at all times.

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